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New Queen Esther A.M.E. Church “The Love & The Legacy!” 1840 – 2020


While we live in a world where things don’t last too long, including relationships and fashion trends, we can all rest assured that love and legacy have caused New Queen Esther to be and remain established for almost 2 centuries. Yes, it was on a great Sunday morning in 1851, 167 years ago, that the congregants proved their love for the gospel and established this great ministry at its present location. Prior to 1840, members of the church worshipped in their homes. Of course, God is everywhere; so they dare not allow a permanent location nor a building keep them from praising. But it led them to building a log cabin, which was a dedicated and designated place of worship. Unfortunately, the early history is vague and the name of the first pastor is unknown. However, his love and legacy are appreciated and definitely lives on. Presently, the church stands on the same portion of land, which was given by Brother Isaac and Sister Rosetta Walley of Ivytown. The trustees were duly entrusted with this assignment and received the church on June 2, 1851. A little later, expansion occurred and additional land was donated by Brother Peter D. Roberts, also of Ivytown. While nothing physically remains of Snow Hill, previously located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, it is still the birthing place for African Methodism. And to keep the love and legacy from dying, a number of people that were from the Asbury Methodist congregation in Easton decided to establish a new church. This one is known as Bethel Church in Easton. But as the congregants increased, another decision was made by various people in the surrounding community. Therefore, Queen Esther Church at Ivytown was born. Legacy and love were in the making and the church was multiplying. However, the physical structure burned some time afterward. But again, perseverance prevailed and another building was erected on the same site. This began another chapter of the legacy, as it was renamed New Queen Esther in 1935. Today, this great ministry is referred to as the cornerstone. In recent years under the stewardship of Rev. George R. Simpson, the fellowship hall was completely gutted and remodeled by Brother Melvin Potter, Sr. The members dedicated the building and named it, “The Carpenter’s Fellowship Hall.” Fast forward to 2006, the trustees and members ventured on another project to remodel the church exterior with new vinyl siding. During the remodeling project, the roof was restructured with new rafters and covered with new shingles. There were new thermal paned windows added and the roof covering the restrooms was raised with an “A frame” pitch. Because excellence and presentation are part of the love and legacy, the steeple was repaired. And to this day, the bell rings on Sunday mornings, much like it did with Brother Lawrence Walley many years ago. To prove great stewardship to God, the members of New Queen Esther continued to improve the sanctuary under the watchful eye of Pastor Simpson. And under the leadership Brother Albert Brooks, Jr., the members stepped out on faith to perform major renovations to the church’s interior. The choir loft was enlarged and new stained glass windows were installed as the backdrop of the rear wall. The Pastor’s office was also enlarged and remodeled. Also, a new central air and heating system was installed to complete Phase I of plans for New Queen Esther A.M.E. church. This beautiful body of believers continues to build on the rich history, showing that love and legacy truly do matter. And according to the records, the following leaders held a major role in preserving the importance of the process. In chronological order, these leaders include: Rev. Henry Fitchett, Rev. S. M. Murray, Rev. W. Droom, Rev. W. Colbert, Rev. A.J. Ward, Rev. H. Holder, Rev. Carter, Rev. O.J. Hayman, Rev. I. B. Bivens, Rev. C. Pollitt, Rev. O. Camper, Rev. C. Gamby, Rev. Walter Young, Rev. E. N. Anderson, Rev. E. H. Strawberry, Rev. A. J. Jones, Rev. Durham, Rev. Goins, Rev. E. A. Lyte, Rev. Parker, Rev. Norton, Rev. Daniel Gale, Rev. J. Moses Ballard, Sr., Rev. Manegolt, Rev. Powell, Rev. William D. Maker, Rev. Makell, Rev. Frederick Jones, Jr., Rev. Leon B. Hall, Rev. Earle M. Brooks, and Rev. George R. Simpson, who served at this church for 24 years. Several former pastors went on to become leaders in the Connectional Church, notably, the late Dr. R. E. Ford who was Presiding Elder of the Baltimore District, and Rev. Earle M. Brooks. Another great leader is Dr. O.J. Hayman, who served eight years as pastor and local school teacher. Some of the local preachers and class leaders are no longer with us. They were pivotal parts of the New Queen Esther love and legacy, and they include: Bro. James Watkins (local preacher and class leader), Bro. Resolm Wilson, Bro. Jenner, Bro. Charles Chase, Bro. Tom Thomas, Bro. Edward Wilson, Bro. Martin Wilson (local preacher), Bro. Jackson Russell, Bro. Nicklas Wilson, Bro. Clarke Trippe, Bro. Thomas Gibbs, Sr. and last but not least, Sister Ardella Brooks (class leader). Many illustrious men have paved the way and served this church in the office of Pastor. But to add on the the legacy, the Spring of 2011 brought on a new dimension. The leadership of the Baltimore Annual Conference continued to make New Queen Esther A.M.E. Church “blessed and highly favored” by assigning the very first female pastor, Rev. Marguerite J. Savage. She served 6 years as a great and faithful shepherd, under the leadership of Christ Our Redeemer. On April 15, 2018, God added another brick to the strong foundation and chose a woman of God with the heart of a servant. Her name is Rev. Regina Clay and she continues to strengthen the legacy by implementing the love of God in all that she does. With God’s love and guidance, may the legacy continue and lead others to trust in Him wholeheartedly.

On July 24, 2020 during the 204th session of the Baltimore Annual Conference we received a new blessing. Bishop James Levert Davis appointed the "Firecracker" Rev. Brittany McCoy as the Pastor of The New Queen Esther A.M.E. Church. Rev. McCoy Brings a "Fresh Wind" to NQE with a foundation of Biblical Principles and a Vision of Church Beyond The Walls.

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